About Us

Welcome to the Alaska Wilderness Wildlife & Western Art Studio. The artist, Charlie Livingston Jr., Wildlife/Western Artist, first seen the Light of Day in 1940, and grew up lovin’ the Natural World. I started my lifelong journey in Mississippi, then wound up travelin’ through Florida, Montana and finally decided to make my homestead in the “Great Land” of Alaska. I’ve led an interesting life and have had one hell of a ride. I’ve been a Military Man, Dog Handler in Vietnam, Bar Keep, Swamper, Ranch Hand, Rodeod, Peace Officer, Carpenter, Maintenance Man, a Taxidermist for 35 years, and finally a dedicated Artist. I am also an avid Fisherman, Hunter, and Trapper and have come to accept that these events have greatly influenced both my Artwork and Taxidermy. I am a self-taught artist. I have little to no formal education in regards to art. Many of the facets of the Art world seem to be an uphill battle for me due to the ever changing genre of work being exhibited. I don’t use models or photography pictures to inspire my ideas. I just create what I per sieve to be through vivid imagination with a little of life experience. My signature, for example, is created from a skull derived from a Scottish Highlander Bull, which was a gift from a long-gone friend from Montana. My love of the Ol’ West is a factor the appears heavily in my work. In my own words ” It’s the alure of western history, of the old days gone by.” These are the things that fuel my creativity and inspiration. Most of his work is done in Oil, Pencil, Pen & Ink, Water Color/Acrylics, and Clay or Wax for sculpture. Please enjoy the work posted. If interested, or have any questions, please call or email.