Alaska Wilderness, Wildlife, and Western Art

Welcome to the Alaska Wilderness Wildlife & Western Art Studio. The artwork on this site is a composition of works ranging from drawings done in Pencil and Pen/Ink. Paintings done in Oil, Water Color, and Acrylics. As well as sculptures done in Wax, Clay and Bronze. I’ve been endevoring in art since the early 1960’s. My love of the Natural World, the critters large and small, as well as the Ol’ West, “Gone Forever”, with its rich heritage, fuels my work and inspiration.

Thoughts of The American West, with its Mountain Men, Trappers and Buffalo Hunters. The Native Americans, Masters of the Light Cavalry. The Lawmen and Outlaws, Frontier Towns composed of Miners and Settlers. The thoughts inspired by by the novels of Zane Gray and Louis L’amour. Do we not long for those days of yesteryear? Of fine Mustang Ponies, endless open skies, bugling Elk, campfire coffee and the smell of biscuits and Red Eye gravy? These are the kind of thoughts I try to inspire with my art so on that note “Good Huntin’ and keep yer eyes on the skyline.”



To my son, Joshua, and my Lady, Sun Tok Livingston.

Special Acknowledgments: 

My sister, Jody Morlock, Artist unique. The late Joe Halco of Great Falls, Montana. My friend Frank Entsminger of Tok, Alaska.


Thanks to my webmanster, James Alborough and  Jabaree Moss, a friend of my son, who has done a ton of work loading my website.

“Thanks for visiting my website.”